Local Logic is hiring a Senior Software Developer: Front End JavaScript to join our Engineering team. Engineering is part of the development team that includes: engineering, product and insights. As Senior Software Developer: Front End JavaScript you will be responsible for making our data come to life and design our front-end architecture. Our products are used by millions of people on the top real-estate sites across the whole of North America. As a member of the engineering team, you will work alongside a group of talented and motivated UI and UX designers, full-stack developers, data scientists, and GIS experts to build the most useful real-estate tools on the market. 

Local Logic develops vertical AI software to optimize real estate investment for consumers and professionals. We leverage alternative data to create new insights that expose market trends for real estate assets with property level precision. We understand the world, and its cities to better forecast the future and make the real estate market more transparent and efficient.

We believe in diversity of thought and experience and strongly encourage candidates of all backgrounds and identities to apply. Every new hire brings their own perspectives and unique qualities to the team, and Local Logic is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone is empowered to do their best work. 

About the Job

The Engineering team is part of the Development department led by CPO Gabriel Damant-Sirois. The Dev team at Local Logic are the urban wizards, the data crunchers, and the product gurus who bring Local Logic to life. They design, code, research, and are overall responsible for ensuring that our products are exactly as we envision them to best serve our clients.

As a member of the Development team you will be building new features for our real estate products and implementing our products for new clients. As a Senior Software Developer: Front End JavaScript you will also be mentoring other team members to help the whole team improve.

Here’s some of the day to day work you’ll be doing as a Senior Software Developer: Front End JavaScript at Local Logic:

  • Implementing new features in our consumer real-estate product and also in our professional real estate developer tool
  • Design and guide the development of our front-end architecture
  • Ensuring the Local Logic Front End team follows best practices for performance and code-quality
  • Contributing to our API and Back-End Node.js code along with other team members
  • Optimizing the performance, and scalability of our front-end architecture and code
  • Writing elegant, performant, cross-browser code

About You

We’re looking for someone with a proven track record translating complex UI/UX designs into reality. While you work with HTML and CSS, writing back-end code such as Node.js and building APIs should be second nature to you. This job is perfect for someone with extensive experience developing web apps. This role is perfect for someone who wants to practice and perfect their leadership and management skills as well, since you will be responsible for mentoring other team members.

Local Logic is passionate about growth and we don’t expect you to know it all right out of the gate. We care that you have mastered the basics and have a keen desire to grow professionally, learn new things, and strive to do your best work always. 

The Local Logic team are a group of driven, growth minded individuals - we value people who take initiative, try new things, and live to learn. We like to debate ideas, from the tough decisions to the “is it a sandwich?” debate that seems to grip the lunch table at least once a quarter. We are here to support and inspire one another, and to continue to push our collective work to the next level. 


Pay and Benefits

Local Logic is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package to its employees. We offer all full time employees a great health insurance plan, which includes $1500 annual coverage for paramedical services like massage, acupuncture, nutrition, and naturopathy. We care about our employees’ health, so we cover 100% of premiums for our employees. Additionally, Local Logic covers the cost of membership to Dialogue, a telemedicine service for our employees and their family members. 

We also provide employees with a $250 discretionary health and wellness credit. In that past, employees have used this credit to purchase everything from noise cancelling headphones to fitness watches or yoga memberships! 

To support our company value of being Growth Oriented, employees are given a $500 annual professional development credit, as well as 8 hours of professional development time per month. Take the time to develop a new skill, read up on the industry, attend a workshop or conference, or take a short course!

How to Apply

Please send us a resume tailored to this position. Here at Local Logic, we want to hear about the person behind the resume, so we ask that you answer an application question designed to give us a snapshot of the superstar behind the resume! For us, these snapshot questions are a chance to hear directly from you why you think you’d be the best fit for this role. Don’t just list off your CV, this is your chance to tell us why that short stint as a performer would make you the perfect salesperson, or how your experience working in a totally different industry would allow you to bring a fresh new perspective to our development team. Your snapshot is a chance to tell us a story - YOUR story - and to convince us that we’d be crazy not to talk to you. We accept answers in whatever format you think best represents you - video, written format, photo collage, you name it! Please upload your snapshot submission along with your application.

We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis until the role is filled. After we receive your application, we’ll take about two weeks to process your file and get back to you about next steps. We begin our hiring process with a screening call to chat more about the role, your background and experience, and to talk about what it’s like to work at Local Logic. After that, you’ll meet a few more development team members, complete a coding challenge, and meet with team members outside the development team, as well as the executive team. 

We look forward to meeting you and hearing how you plan to contribute to Local Logic!