Jul 29, 2021  |    12pm

Our next guest for the next edition of QT Connect Café is Rowan Woodmass, here's a brief introduction in their own words: 

"Hi, I’m Rowan, a white genderqueer dyke. I am also the founder of Queerit, a queer, feminist, anticapitalist digital marketing agency. My career in tech started when I taught myself web design and development to bolster my classical singing career, and grew exponentially when I served as co-director of Montreal’s chapter of Lesbians Who Tech with Rachel Jean-Pierre. I speak, write, and work for the well-being of all queer and trans folks, and I dream of strong unions, universal basic income, and a police- and prison-free society. I am passionate about worker’s rights and social justice, and I believe that the agility of the tech industry is especially well-poised to be a leader in these areas. I’m also a writer, potter, and visual artist."


This chat will be very queer and tech and you don't want to miss it!

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