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As a part of our program QT Care, we teamed up with Hao Wu Financial Solutions inc. under the Sun Life banner to deliver a 6-part Financial Health Webinar series. We know discussing finances can be tough and confusing, especially in the current economic climate; therefore, we partnered with Jeffrey Wu and Julien Valat, advisors working extensively with members of 2SLGBTQ+ community in QC, ON & BC, to create a safe space to learn about some of these most important financial topics. 

As we are midway in our series, we would like to recap the first 3 webinars already presented, and give you a preview of what is coming next!

To review your specific situation, we encourage you to reach out directly to them since knowing this information doesn’t reliably change behaviour, and is only winning half the battle. You can book their time for a virtual introduction meeting here:

Recap of Webinars 1, 2, and 3

Webinar 1: Planning & Building your wealth

In this webinar recorded in October of 2021, Jeffrey and his team explored the following topics for basic personal finance and where to begin toward building your wealth:

  • How to organize your personal finances to save more, grow your wealth, and to meet your unique financial goals.
  • How to effectively use registered accounts, including RRSP, TFSA & RESP
  • What does a financial planner do and how can a professional help you with your finances?

You can watch the full webinar by clicking below. 

Watch Webinar 1

Webinar 2: Investment basics: from taking risks to respecting your values

In webinar 2, Jeffrey and his team investment basics explaining basic investment fundamentals and answering the following topics based on risk, goals, and time in the market:

  • How to invest smartly depending on your goals and the risks you are ready to take.
  • Why and how to invest in diversified asset classes for long-term investors.
  • How “Responsible Investment” is becoming the new norm.

Watch Webinar 2

Webinar 3: Can you afford to be sick?

Next Jeffrey and Julian explore the cost of being sick. They work to outline what it takes to be prepared should a health crisis arise and how to protect yourself from undue financial healthcare burden.

  • How to be financially prepared against the unexpected. A reality check for all ages.
  • Protection needs specific to immigrants & family visiting from outside of Canada

Watch Webinar 3

Beyond these first topics, Jeffrey and Julian are ready to dive a bit deeper in the next series of webinars taking the conversation in a bit more advanced direction. They will examine real estate questions around purchasing your first home to investing in real estate. They will explore group benefits and pensions from both the employer and employee side (a great conversation for founders). Finally they examine more advanced financial principals that will help you as you grow professionally and increase your personal worth. 


Stay connected as we explore the following topics in the next 3 editions of the QT Care Financial Health Series

Webinar 4: Buying your first home & investing in real estate (Sep 2022)

  • How to prep your personal finances and avoid chaos before and after home/real estate purchase?
  • Before taking the leap: planning (including if you can afford it for the long-term), saving, investing, RRSP/HBP, know your taxes and expenses, etc.
  • Home-owners: insurance protections, planning/saving for investment properties for passive income & growth, review your will/PoA, etc.

Webinar 5: Group Benefits & Pension: For Individuals & Employers (Nov 2022)

  • How group benefits & group pension profit both employees and employers?
  • Why and how to use your group offerings efficiently?
  • Leaving your current employer, what do you do with your previous group plans?
  • If you are an employer, why and how to set up group benefits and pension plans for recruitments & retentions? How to incorporate it into your DE&I strategy? 

Seminar/Webinar 6 : Advanced financial planning concepts for your success. (Jan 2023, potentially in person)

  • Use life insurance as an asset class & tax planning tool
  • tax-efficient investments for high income earners
  • Pros & Cons of incorporation
  • Using trust as a legal & tax planning tool for family protection & intergenerational wealth transfers

Get to know better Jeffrey and his team by watching this QT Connect Café!

And again, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeffrey and Julien!

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