What is PrideHacks?

We are QueerTech's annual hackathon bringing together people from Montreal’s tech ecosystem to design, build, and implement technology solutions for nonprofit organizations that serve the LGBTQ2S+  community.

"PrideHacks allows us to connect, support and celebrate nonprofit organizations who are part of the LGTBQIA+ community. As part of Montreal’s tech ecosystem, we feel passionate about collaborating with our local organizations - helping them build and implement tech solutions that will help them thrive." --Google Team


PrideHacks SERVES

Local LGBTQ+ focused not for profits that have a technology need that they are unable to solve due to a lack of resources and/or expertise.


Organizations with technological solutions that enable them to better serve their communities, increase their reach, increase efficiency, and in some cases, even help save people’s lives.

PrideHacks NEEDS

Your help to design, build, and implement these technology solutions!


A great opportunity to help some amazing nonprofits and make a difference for vulnerable communities, while at the same time having fun meeting other people and networking.





LGBTQ+ Nonprofits Apply Here For Technology Support!



Read our 2019 Impact Report


PrideHacks is an inclusive environment, whether you are Ally/Straight or LGBTQ2S+ - all genders and sexual identities are welcome, and we will be sure to make everyone feel at home.